More Clients For Your Law Firm

You've experienced it, just like almost all other small law firms out there. There are some months when you could use a few more clients and cases. Your team needs to be billing as much as possible.

Today is as good a day as any to start building a continuous pipeline of new clients. Deep Field specializes in helping small law firms get more traffic to their websites. More traffic means more clients, and more billable hours (REVENUE here??)

How do we do it?

Once we find out about your firm and your goals, as well as your desired clientele, we optimize your website so that you can get more targeted traffic coming in on a daily basis. There's a lot of technical stuff in our process that probably would bore you, but our system has been developed over the last 10 years and has proven affective time and time again.

You've heard the terms SEO (search engine optimization) before. That's sort of what we do, but on a much more professional level. We use only proven, generally accepted methods for improving your web presence. We don't utilize the black-hat techniques that have given the SEO industry a bad reputation.

Control your local market

You ever notice how it always seems to be a certain few firms that dominate all of the search results in your area? Or how they are the only ones that show up on your local Google Maps? They aren't doing anything special other than having a headstart on their web presence. One of our goals is to get your firm listed in the top search results, help you show up on maps, and much more.

Plus, we only accept 1 client at a time for an area. That way we can avoid any conflicts of interest.

More traffic for your website

Did you invest thousands of dollars on a website that's only getting 100 visitors a month? That's pretty common. Having a spiffy looking site is only the beginning. The more important part of your website is how it's organized, what kind of keywords and language you use, as well as how good your site looks on a mobile phone or tablet. Improving these basics for your site is our speciality, and it can easily lead to 2X-4X traffic increases. How many more clients could your website generate with that kind of a bump in traffic?

What kind of things do you actually do?

We want to make sure that people searching for law firms in your area are able to find you easily (and before they find another firm). So we spend lots of time researching your area and the other law firms around you. From there we will start working on improving your website. Some of the basics include making sure that you're properly tracking all of the traffic that you get, making sure that your site is listed with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and some more technical topics like metadata optimization and keyword density. We also spend a lot of time writing new content for your site, including pages on the site and working on your blog.

We'll always tell you about the changes that we're making, and we'll keep a log of everything so that you'll always know what's going on with your site.

How do you track improvement?

We send you a detailed report every single month showing you exactly where you stand. We'll show you how much traffic you had and how your keyword rankings are improving. We also work with you to make sure that you're tracking phone calls and walk-in clients properly.

SEO for attorneys sample report

We offer a 100% free consultation. We want to get to know you and make sure we're a fit.

There are countless small law firms out there that need help with SEO and getting more clients. We try to be picky about the firms that we work with to insure that we can offer the best possible value for the money.

Our average client sees a 2X increase in organic traffic in the first 6 months.

We have helped dozens of law firms and other companies get more clients

“Our firm has had a website for years. We never had the time to spend working on the website and trying to learn how to leverage it better, so that's why we first contacted Deep Field. We quickly learned how much help we really did need. After Deep Field took over we started seeing a large bump in traffic to the site. After about a year our traffic had more than doubled, and it continues to grow today. ”

– Ken Taft, Gibson & Associates (should this be a link????)

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– Pete, firm name

We help you get more clients, so you can focus on those that you already have.

Join dozens of other clients who are getting the most our of their web marketing.

What is Deep Field?

Deep Field, Inc. is a search marketing agency that works exclusively with small law firms. We've been working with attorneys for years, so we understand their needs and goals. We only use so-called "whitehat" methods to generate more traffic for your site.

Based in Waycross, Georgia, we've been working in the industry for over a decade.